About jenny

Derbyshire Landscape Photographer

Great to see you found my photography website, welcome!

I hope you will enjoy my work.  Do come back often as the website is continually being updated.

If you'd like to drop me a mail to let me know you have been that would be amazing, it's always nice to get feedback.

Though I spent a lot of my life working in IT, photography has always been what I enjoyed most.  I jumped at the opportunity to become a full time photographer a few years ago and I soon diversified from concentrating on landscape photography into creating actor headshots.

My partner and I have lived in Derbyshire for the past 7 years, but I am originally from Suffolk.  Who knows, maybe I will return there one day?

It is great to be so near to the Peak District and I also enjoy the beautiful Suffolk coastline when on a trip to where I still fondly call home.

When not photographising I especially enjoy annoying my poor neighbours with some pretty average guitar playing.  No actual complaints, yet!

Actor Headshot Specialist

If you're an aspiring actor, check out my headshot website where you will find a portfolio, reviews and all the usual stuff.


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